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PLDI 2017
Sun 18 - Fri 23 June 2017 Barcelona, Spain
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Integrating Task Scheduling and Cache Locking for Multicore Real-time Embedded Systems

LCTES 2017 People: Wenguang Zheng, Hui Wu, Chuanyao Nie

… of all the tasks scheduled on each core into a DAG by considering … allocator converts the interference graph of all the tasks into a DAG by using a k … task. Both cache allocators significantly improve the utilization of all

OSEK-V: Application-Specific RTOS Instantiation in Hardware

LCTES 2017 People: Christian Dietrich, Daniel Lohmann

… The employment of a real-time operating system (RTOS) in an embedded control systems is often an all-or-nothing decision: While the RTOS-abstractions provide for easier software composition and development, the price in terms of event …

A Lightweight Progress Maximization Scheduler for Non-Volatile Processor Under Unstable Energy Harvesting

LCTES 2017 People: Chen Pan, Mimi Xie, Yongpan Liu, Yanzhi Wang, Jason Xue, Yiran Chen, Jingtong Hu

… unnecessary checkpointings or checkpointing failures. On the software side, not all tasks …

[Poster] Optimising Dynamic Binary Modification Across ARM Microarchitectures

LCTES 2017 People: Cosmin Gorgovan, Amanieu d'Antras, Mikel Luján

… , do not affect performance on all available systems and microarchitectures …

Integrated IoT Programming with Selective Abstraction

LCTES 2017 People: Gyeongmin Lee, Seonyeong Heo, Bongjun Kim, Jong Kim, Hanjun Kim

… abstraction, or abstract all the devices to the standard interfaces requiring …

Auto-Vectorization for Image Processing DSLs

LCTES 2017 People: Oliver Reiche, Christof Kobylko, Frank Hannig, Jürgen Teich

… , and not portable at all. Based on whole-function vectorization, a method to replace con …

Graal: High Performance Compilation for Managed Languages

Tutorials When: Fri 23 Jun 2017 09:00 - 12:00 People: Christian Wimmer

… VM or the V8 JavaScript VM optimize your code, you will get all your questions …-level Java code * Compiler intrinsics: use all your hardware instructions with Graal …

Instruction Punning: Lightweight Instrumentation for x86-64

Research Papers People: Buddhika Chamith De Alwis Kahawitage don, Luke Dalessandro, Bo Joel Svensson, Ryan R. Newton

… activation/deactivation costs that are cheaper than a system call, even when all

Skeletal Program Enumeration for Rigorous Compiler Testing

Research Papers People: Qirun Zhang, Chengnian Sun, Zhendong Su

… skeleton P and a set of variables V , enumerate a set of programs P exhibiting all … and variable set, offering a level of guarantee absent from all existing compiler … is a novel algorithm for computing the canonical (and smallest) set of all non-α …

Repairing Sequential Consistency in C/C++11

Research Papers People: Ori Lahav, Viktor Vafeiadis, Jeehoon Kang, Chung-Kil Hur, Derek Dreyer

… , the semantics of SC atomic accesses in C/C++11, as well as in all proposed strengthenings …

Network Configuration Synthesis with Abstract Topologies

Research Papers People: Ryan Beckett, Ratul Mahajan, Todd Millstein, Jitendra Padhye, David Walker

… algorithms operate entirely on abstract topologies and guarantee correctness for all its …

Systematic Black-Box Analysis of Collaborative Web Applications

Research Papers People: Marina Billes, Anders Møller, Michael Pradel

… -client web applications.

Naively exploring all possible interactions between …

Automated Synthesis of Divide and Conquer Parallelism

Research Papers People: Azadeh Farzan, Victor Nicolet

… parallel programs.

(An anonymous extended version including all proofs has been …

Context Transformations for Pointer Analysis

Research Papers People: Rei Thiessen, Ondřej Lhoták

… analyses is an explicit enumeration of all input and output values of context …

WALA Hack-A-Thon

Tutorials When: Thu 22 Jun 2017 09:00 - 18:00 People: Julian Dolby, Karim Ali

… set of ideas that we are trying to develop, and all of us working intensively …

Automatic Program Inversion using Symbolic Transducers

Research Papers People: Qinheping Hu, Loris D'Antoni

… idea: if an \SEFT is injective, inverting it amounts to inverting all its …

Practical Partial Evaluation for High-Performance Dynamic Language Runtimes

Research Papers People: Thomas Wuerthinger, Christian Wimmer, Christian Humer, Andreas Woess, Lukas Stadler, Chris Seaton, Gilles Duboscq, Doug Simon, Matthias Grimmer

… of the compiled code while still compiling in all parts of an operation …

Bringing the Web up to Speed with WebAssembly

Research Papers People: Andreas Haas, Andreas Rossberg, Derek Schuff, Ben L. Titzer, Dan Gohman, Luke Wagner, Alon Zakai, JF Bastien, Michael Holman

… . Engineers from all major browser vendors have risen to the challenge …

HoTTSQL: Proving Query Rewrites with Univalent SQL Semantics

Research Papers People: Shumo Chu, Konstantin Weitz, Alvin Cheung, Dan Suciu

… amount of SQL language features, our semantics covers all major features of SQL …

Synthesizing Memory Models from Framework Sketches and Litmus Tests

Research Papers People: James Bornholt, Emina Torlak

… on all tests. The MemSynth engine employs a novel embedding of bounded …

Decomposition Instead of Self-Composition for Proving the Absence of Timing Channels

Research Papers People: Timos Antonopoulos, Paul Gazzillo, Michael Hicks, Eric Koskinen, Tachio Terauchi, Shiyi Wei

… by instead proving a universal property: all traces within the partition satisfy some …