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Virtual machines are an integral part of public-cloud offerings. In this setting, customers rely on the provider to ensure a secure and reliable operating platform. Isolation from other – possibly malicious – guests is of utmost importance. The core components are hypervisors and device emulation on top of a Linux kernel. In this talk I will discuss the challenges in performing software analysis for such a stack, and how automated static analysis ranging from data-flow analysis to model checking helps to identify and resolve issues.

Thu 22 Jun
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13:40 - 15:00: DSW 2017 - Academic C-verification project; industry perspective on hypervisors at Vertex WS216
Chair(s): Adam ChlipalaMassachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
dsw-2017-papers13:40 - 14:20
Andrew AppelPrinceton
dsw-2017-papers14:20 - 15:00
Michael TautschnigAmazon Web Services