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Tue 20 Jun 2017 10:50 - 11:15 at Actes, Civil Engineering - Synthesis Chair(s): Sasa Misailovic

This paper presents an example-driven synthesis technique for automating a large class of data preparation tasks that arise in data science. Given a set of input tables and an out- put table, our approach synthesizes a table transformation program that performs the desired task. Our approach is not restricted to a fixed set of DSL constructs and can synthesize programs from an arbitrary set of components, including higher-order combinators. At a high-level, our approach performs type-directed enumerative search over partial pro- grams but incorporates two key innovations that allow it to scale: First, our technique can utilize any first-order specification of the components and uses SMT-based deduction to reject partial programs. Second, our algorithm uses partial evaluation to increase the power of deduction and drive enumerative search. We have evaluated our synthesis algorithm on dozens of data preparation tasks obtained from on-line forums, and we show that our approach can automatically solve a large class of problems encountered by R users.