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Sun 18 Jun 2017 14:45 - 15:07 at Vertex WS216 - Soundness and Precision

Building static analyzers for modern programming languages is difficult. Often soundness is a requirement, perhaps with some well-defined exceptions, and precision must be adequate for producing useful results on realistic input programs. Formally proving such properties of a complex static analysis implementation is rarely an option in practice, which raises the challenge of how to identify causes and importance of soundness and precision problems.

Through a series of examples, we present our experience with semi-automated methods based on delta debugging and dynamic analysis for increasing soundness and precision of a static analyzer for JavaScript. The individual methods are well known, but to our knowledge rarely used systematically and in combination.

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Sun 18 Jun

14:45 - 15:30: SOAP - Soundness and Precision at Vertex WS216
SOAP-2017-papers14:45 - 15:07
Esben AndreasenAarhus University, Anders MøllerAarhus University, Benjamin Barslev NielsenAarhus University
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SOAP-2017-papers15:07 - 15:30
Jens DietrichMassey University, Li SuiMassey University, New Zealand, Shawn RasheedMassey University, Amjed TahirMassey University
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